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Basel, luxury lifestyle at the heart of Europe

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With the Rhine and the extremely mild weather in summer, Basel exudes incomparable Mediterranean flair.

However, Basel is a vibrant cultural city even during the colder months. It glitters with light in the Christmas season and later mutates into the famous carnival city.

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The location just a stone's throw from the sunny banks of the Rhine in Kleinbasel could soon be your new workplace or residence.

There are good shops nearby. The sights of Basel are all within walking distance, from the typical Basel “Beiz´” to the Gourmet Temple.

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We offer both bright modern apartments with high-quality appointments and comfortable light-filled offices, all at a central location.

These properties offer both a private parking garage and optimum connections to public transport.

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Post office, bank, an upmarket neighborhood, residences suitable for the disabled, wheelchair access, childcare and parking facilities nearby - all these are advantages of the property.

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