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Location of the three properties

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Our three properties, surrounded by an idyllic private park with an area of over 5,000m², are situated in a unique location in Kleinbasel.

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The Park

Besides the spacious green areas with protected play facilities for children, our properties are adjacent to the Claramatte, a beautiful park featuring old trees and new landscaping elements.

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Rhine promenade, Lange Erlen

The Rhine Promenade in Kleinbasel, just five minutes away on foot, invites you to stroll and relax. A five-minute cycle will take you to the local recreation area, the Langen Erlen, with its zoo and fitness trail.

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You do not have to use the car to go shopping; a mere two-minute walk will take you to the heart of a busy retail area with numerous shops as well as the Clarapost, banks and various restaurants.

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